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Three Fantastically Weird Instruments from Musical Traditions Around the World

Strange instrumentation does not start and end with The Theremin – people all around the world have long been creating traditional music with instruments that seem strange to us ... Continue Reading →

Four of the Weirdest Pieces of Classical Music of All Time

Four of the Weirdest Pieces of Classical Music of All Time Classical music has long been associated with eccentricity, incredible dedication, complexity and the pushing of stylistic ... Continue Reading →
The Abolishment of Slavery

The Birth of Soul Music

Soul Music has influenced so many different genres of other music, but it was itself influenced by many different types of music and cultures as well. It was first developed in America ... Continue Reading →

Sea Shanties and Folk Music

Curators and historians of folk music have long reiterated the importance of sea shanties in regards to folk music. And there is a varied mix of opinion where sea shanties originated ... Continue Reading →

Top Folk Festivals Around the World

Folk festivals have their own unique place in the world of music events. Even the most famous music festival of all, Woodstock, was ostensibly a folk festival, and there are those ... Continue Reading →

Five Rock and Roll Songs that Changed Music

It was Billie Joe Armstrong who once said that Rock and Roll can be dangerous and fun at the same time! And in a way the Green Day artist described this genre of music perfectly. The ... Continue Reading →

The Stars of Opera

The Opera has produced many star singers and, traditionally, the home of the Opera has been Italy. However, over the years the popularity of Opera around the world has resulted in many ... Continue Reading →

The Proms and its famous performers

The Proms are a series of orchestral classical music performances that are held in London over an eight-week period in the summer. Most of the concerts are performed in the Royal Albert ... Continue Reading →

The Famous Classical Music Composers

Classical music first appeared in around 1750 and lasted until 1830. This musical era lies between the Romantic and Baroque periods, and it was the first time that the piano was used ... Continue Reading →

The Hippie Movement and Traditional Music

The hippie movement started in the early 1960s in the United States and as the decade progressed, the culture grew around the world. It was a movement that was typified by a number ... Continue Reading →